Target Audience

The alpha version of TAQTIQA's REST-API service is intended for early adopters and developers before the beta-REST-API version is released. Specifically, the alpha-REST-API may evolve rapidly. This allows us to test the functions of TAQTIQA's streaming trade and quote data service, and confirm that the REST-API functions properly with client applications. Once a alpha-REST-API change or feature is considered complete it will made available via TAQTIQA's beta-REST-API service.

Changes to alpha-REST-API and services are in response to accepted feature requests, user feedback and reproducible issue reports

Service period
Term of use
At your own risk.
Service Fees
Pay-as-you-go. No on-going financial obligations whatsoever.
All user subscribe data (One day of historical trade and quotes is provided free).

Please Note

To give you an idea of how to use the API, we have annotated our documentation with code samples, just copy and paste!


TAQTIQA™'s REST-API alpha and beta services do not refer to excess returns and systematic risk.

To Activate the alpha API:

  1. Add the letter a to the version number provided in the hypemedia type passed in the Accept header when you make a HTTP request.

Alpha-REST-API User Characteristics

  • Comfortable on the 'bleeding-edge' of technology.
  • Adept at programming and composing reproducible issue reports.
  • Non-production settings that tolerate rapid API changes.
  • Wish to influence TAQTIQA's feature set and performance characteristics.


  • No financial obligation whatsoever.
  • Influence TAQTIQA's feature set and performance characteristics.
  • Prepare and test your application in advance of upcoming TAQTIQA features.


  • One days' history of ALL (i.e. we don't fiddle with the data) trade and quote prices for all issues listed on the NYSE, Nasdaq (OTC), and Regional Exchanges.
  • No request limits and full access to all TAQTIQA's upcoming REST-API features and services.
  • Access to free technical support with reproducible issue reports.
  • The alpha-REST-API deprecation time frame can be immediate and not longer than 10 days.
  • The alpha-REST-API terms of service are: Use at your own risk.
  • Changes to alpha-REST-API and services are in response to accepted feature requests, user feedback and reproducible issue reports

Hypertext Constraint (HATEOAS)

There are several explanations of the ideas/behavior that the hypertext constraint, or Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State (HATEOAS) encapsulates. One useful description is:

Finally, each representation that the client receives from the server represents the state of the user's interaction within the application. For instance, when the user submits the form to recieve another page, the user changes the state of the application from her point of view. When a user, just browsing a website, the user (sic) changes the state of the application with each click on a link to load another page.

In this example, to change the state of the application, the user relies on forms and links found in the HTML. HTML is a hypermedia format, allowing link and form controls to let you flow through the application and thereby change the state of the application.

This way of using hypermedia of the representation (such as HTML) to denote and manage the state of the application is called hypermedia as the engine of application state, or in short form the hypertext constraint.

Allamaraju, (2010), p262.

REST and Hypermedia Resources

There are some useful books that are worth reading in the Bookstore(/alpha/7/1/rest.html#tab-1-section-7)

For additional information from Fielding's perspective:


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